This is a website for true science, for everyone.

I love science and because of that I am making this website so that other people can love science too and make the world of science evolve.

The reason I am doing this is not to be a successful business, but to be a business that only says things that are true and does not cheat.

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I am Jacob

The Worldly Science idea came to me when I was reading the news and it had this idea about starting a business and how to do it. I wanted to do this for the world.

On this website, I will teach people about how I see the the world, biology and how things work*. I will do this because I absolutely adore science and I would like to share that with everyone so that they might discover for themselves the wonderful world of science.

*This is not the full list.

Nearly an engineer - and ready for it

Nearly an engineer - and ready for it

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Meet My Brother

Thomas - the future billionaire