Welcome to Worldly Science.

Explore and enjoy what is written here.  I have written it for all of us.


This is a website for true science, for EVERYONE.

I love science and because of that I am making this website so that other people can love science too and make the world of science evolve.

The reason I am doing this is not to be a successful BUSINESS, but to be a BUSINESS that only says things that are true and does not cheat.


What is true science?

True science is science about the truth.  The truth is what we feel and what we experience.  It is not just intelligence or what people say. 

For example, people used to think the Earth was flat, but it's not.  And we used to think Earth was in the middle of everything, but it's not. Also, we used to think sticks were magic because they could make fire - that's just friction, but they didn't know about friction in those days.

An example of true science that I have experienced is how geese fly together in a V and how pigeons know how to get home over long distances.  

This is Pythagoras.  He was a true scientist.  He observed.  I do science like him. 


A science haiku...

I love true science

Observing things is the way

Do it every day



Why do we ignore?

This blog is here to take responsibility, but who would read it?  This is my first example of ignoring.

We ignore things like global warming, but not in the sense of ignore completely 'I don't care', but in the sense of 'how do we actually do this - I want to find the shortest way of doing this so I can get on with other stuff'. 

What if there is no short way?  

What if there is no short way and we are just ignoring the long way?

Why do we ignore?

Why do we ignore things in our faces, under our noses, above our heads?

Why do we just let things happen. And yes I did say just let them happen.

If we didn't ignore things like global warming and fly-tipping and female genital mutilation, then we would have to do something.

What would we do?